Serato Sticker Lock Control Vinyl 12 inch (Clear)


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Following suggestions from DJs from the unknown to the (actual) greatest Ricky Jay (in our opinion), Serato has created the new Sticker Lock record to provide the best quality Clear Serato control discs, with an array of stickers in colors that pop in eye-catching colors.
This provides easy visual access to your cue points for your juggling/scratch routine.
The stickers are in strips and spots, and can be coded with the RGB values on your cue buttons (hardware dependent).

* Two clear Serato control vinyls plus stickers
* Stickers can be used to mark cue points on your vinyl for scratching/juggling convenience
* Colors designed to match the RGB values of your cue buttons (depending on your hardware controller)
* Serato Control Tone on one side of each vinyl

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