Chroma Cables: USB-C to USB-B (white)

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Ideal for home and professional use where impeccable audio is a must, Chroma Cables complement the modern DJ and music production technology with a streamlined styling that keeps your setup looking fresh and sleek. All cables are not created equal, and ours are engineered from scratch for digital performers, by digital performers.
Forget about tiny adapters that can easily get lost in a dark booth. These high quality USB-C cables ensure that all your audio and MIDI devices have a reliable connection with no compromises.
Chroma Cables do a great job of eliminating interference along the signal path. Each cable has two ferrite core chokes, one at each end of the cable. Paired with fully-braided shielding making these the best USB cables for DJs.
Even after placing your cables neatly in your bag, it’s easy to wind up with a tangled clump of cables. The built-in velcro cable strap helps prevent this, keeping your gig bag nice and tidy.☝🏽🛑☝🏽❤️✊🏽


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